Fandom Bullies

bully by TheGREATLiE on flickr
bully by TheGREATLiE on flickr

Oh hell no. I hope my friend forgives me for posting this, but I’m not naming names, so hopefully I’ll get away with it.

Someone I know was embarking on a good-hearted project and was told by one person she wasn’t “allowed” to do said project because the person she approached owned said fandom.

I’m highly curious as to what delusion makes it possible to own the interest and expression of interest in a medium of entertainment you had absolutely no hand in creating. While this is far from the only fandom-based stupid out there, it does check off an interesting point/counterpoint I see when people make decisions about handling a community, along with a few things I’ve learned about fandom from reading fandomsecrets.

Let me make this clear: no one owns a fandom. Period. They can own specific websites, those websites may have been seminal in gathering a fandom, but the fandom itself cannot be owned. The owner of a fansite does not have the power to fox other fan sites, other fanfics, or other fans. So no, it is not possible to own a fandom – there’s nothing to own. As for being seminal to fandom, well, whatever. A debt of gratitude does not equate with control over everyone.

I’m just disgusted, and I would like to encourage my friend to move forward with the project anyway. One loud jerk sucks and can make things that should be fun suck. Even so, everyone else is cheering for you, not the jerk. Give him his comeuppance, and you’ll also contribute by giving fandom – you know, those who are not his collared slaves (all of us) something awesome.