Fashion Tarot Cards

Fashion Tarot

Tarot Cards Get the Designer Treatment Thanks to Marc Jacobs, Christian Louboutin, Vivienne Westwood, and More – StyleList.

It all comes back around again, from the high style of the Italian courts, to fringe culture, back to fashion.

Awhile ago I discussed conjuring up custom-made tarot cards for an elaborate practical joke. A friend teased me about my cards and “superstitions” and so I looked into engaging an artist to find a series of symbols to plant on him in escalating creepiness. The project has not come to fore.

That said, with my new interest in mixed media and collage art, I may use the blank deck I bought when I went on a magic-tricks buying binge (my inner child really kicks up with “I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant it!” when I pass sleight of hand kits in dollar stores and Marshall’s) and, once done combing magazines for Fat Chic, use the images to create a private visioning deck.


  1. Mei

    I love tarot cards and use them regularly. I use traditional Rider-Waite ones as my main cards. Have you ever used Thoth?

  2. Post

    Yes, I’ve used Thoth. I’ve gone through several decks but when I do use cards nowadays I mostly stick to my Da Vinci or my Dali decks. I was also fond of the Hermetic tarot.

  3. Mei

    Cool. I’m going to look into the Hermetic. I think my next needs to have soothing colors to offset the brightness of the decks I already own!

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