Filters and philtres

Spells and Philtres
Spells and Philtres (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Philtre means a potion, something you plan to ingest in most cases. You can also wear it as a perfume – and as I recall from one of my very early too-successful love philtres it’s best to go with a subtle, slower method of approach. If you Google it, you’ll see likely many a recipe grounded in or outright cribbed from one of Scott Cunningham’s books on oils, incenses or herbs. I use those methods too, although over the years a few of my own have crept in. I don’t imagine that my own approach to formulating scent is original – I’ve likely intuited someone’s established ideas by breathing really hard and forgetting what I read.

Filters, ((this has no academic or traditional grounding. Filter is just the name I chose for this approach.))  on the other hand, act as a screen or possibly a colander – it keeps specific things out while allowing other things to flow through like liquid and air. I expect I may do much better with creating these after I finish my course of mastering the element of water. ((I have a whole program for elemental mastery – I’ve completed earth and air. It’s taking many years.)) While I could do something inelegant like charging up mosquito netting and wearing it as a jacket or perhaps affecting a lot of tulle, I prefer less porous style choices.  So I intend to design perfume oils that filter certain things out based on wanting to get bad stuff out of my way so that the good stuff can find me.

My most successful filter to date? LoserBGone. Mostly it’s directed towards creepers.

As I age, I’m finding that there are certain behaviors I just want out of my life that are part of my regular patterns. I attract these people and I am attracted to them, then I get frustrated with them or them with me and it all blows up. So clearly I’m attracted to drama to some extent. I would like to change this about myself.

Making the oil is only one small part of breaking the pattern – I also have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out why I do what I do, and since what sets this pattern in motion lives in one of my blind spots I have to route through things I’ve programmed myself to ignore or remain in denial about. It is the blind leading the blind into darkness and sometimes ends up looking like a one-woman Keystone Cops routine.

Perhaps easier and harder is to look at what I do want. After all, I know how to banish. You might say I at times over-banish. I just don’t like clutter or noise.

What I do want – philtres I’d like to create:

  • Empathy/empathetic friends
  • Trust/trustworthy friends
  • Discernment/discerning friends
  • Honesty/Truthful friends (as in “this is how I feel before we go into x situation” rather than “I hate that shirt/just sayin'” social violence that parades as honesty.)

I of course already have such people in my life. I just want more.

What I don’t want – filters I’d like to create:

  • CrazybGone (there may be a time when I go into what does and does not constitute crazy)
  • NarcissistBGone
  • PretentiousBGone
  • ProjectionBGone
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