Finally saw that Simpson’s episode

Lisa Simpson on Wiccapedia

The one with the teen Wiccans and the hooch? Yeah. To be honest, I don’t really have any opinion on it whatsoever. It was typical Simpson’s fare, and while it handled Wicca fairly with only a few exaggerations, everyone did get somewhat skewered. The ritual representation with the grape juice was just so boringly true it made me wonder who the writers spoke to, or if one of their staff is Wiccan.

I also decided to look for this “Wiccapedia” which at this point is nothing but parked domains. I would guess no one wants to attempt undertaking such a project because of the inevitable caterwauling and arguments over not just academic details but what the public should be “allowed” to know.  ((I’ve come to the conclusion that if the Divine wants a secret kept, it’ll get kept, and there’s not much I need to do about it. Which is different from maintaining confidentiality.))

I wound up finding this entry about Wicca on Uncyclopedia, that starts with the header “Wicca: a Cry for Help if Ever there Was One.” It seems that the site is mostly satirical, so I’m not particularly butt-hurt about it. As I’ve said before, I don’t care if coverage of my religion is nice, I care that it’s accurate, and the satire is at least moderately true to form – while the article is mean-spirited, it’s not resorting to the outright lies that certain church groups often do.

Really, there’s enough of a seed of truth in it that it merits backing up and taking pause. While I’m not going to apologize for my body (since I am evidently the stereotypical fat Wiccan) I can consider my behavior, and I think every human being ever needs the occasional check-point on “how am I driving my skin?” But it should be a self-checkpoint. When someone walks up to me or anyone with an uninvited evaluation, eventual punching is inevitable.