For Beltane: Charge of the Mortal Body

Happy Walpurgis Eve/Beltane to those who celebrate. To those who don’t, a brief translation: Hooray hooray first of May – outdoor fucking (consensual only please) starts today!

As seems to be something of a tradition between me and the Lord & Lady on Beltane  ((we’ll get to my muddled theologies later)) the calm quiet voice proffered some poetry. Normally it’s erotica you could read without sixth graders giggling. This year what came to me as I waited for my ritual bath to cool was an addition to the charges, along with my mind being taken along specific paths about how I answered the calling I had to Wicca because it was a religion that allows for change. This was accompanied by visions of several people digging in their heels over that that I am to ignore.

This is being released as Creative Commons: Attribution – Diana Rajchel 2014

I will likely revise this a few times myself. The gods are excellent at raw vision. The editing is our job.

To make it more Pagan humanist/Pagan natural friendly I suggest striking the lines “parented by the God and Goddess” and replacing it with “lineaged from nature” or “rooted from nature and seeded in the stuff of the Earth.”

So, Happy Beltane. I give you to use in your own rituals and discussions of why sex – and the refusal of sex – are to be kept holy as celebratory acts:

Charge of the Mortal Body

I am birthed by nature itself, parented by the God and Goddess and gifted to my ancestors with only one promise: continuity. I am here for seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, years: so long as I dwell upon Mother Earth I am granted the gifts of the mortal being. I am sovereign to consent and deny; I may worship or not; I may partake of mortal doings or withdraw from them. These are the gifts of free will that nature has provided. Because I am aware of my place in nature and conscious that I have an ancestry I also bear the charge of knowledge: that my fellows are sovereign to consent and deny, to worship or not, to partake or withdraw. The gifts of pain and pleasure live in my body and are mine to give willingly or to keep for myself. All other bodies I encounter are sovereign, their pleasure and pain to be shared willingly and honorably or not at all. All mortals are the deliverance of only one promise: continuity of life. In all else, whether child, man, woman, or beyond gender, they are sovereign. I honor this in the mortal bodies I encounter as I honor that I am here with only one promise to deliver: that so long as I am here, I represent the continuity of life.