Forthcoming Titles & Inclusions by Diana Rajchel 2015

So you want to read more stuff by me? Well, it’s still witchy – that’s been my wheelhouse for twenty years now.

First, on July 7, amidst the calendars and datebooks and almanacs galore (of which I have contributed to a few) is this:


My first of two contributions to the Llewellyn Sabbat Essentials series. Yes, this is about the invented Wiccan holiday Mabon – and also about Michaelmas, the Christian celebration chock full of Pagan overtones. Just think about whose goose this title might get… It’s available for pre-order on Amazon and likely elsewhere, too – just have a click on the book image.


The Queen of the Sky Who Rules over all the Gods – an anthology/devotional to the Egyptian goddess of love and pleasure, Bast. Before she became a love goddess she was also a war and battle goddess – not all that similar to Sekhmet. Well, sorta. Depends on the region. My submission is a ritual that calls on her badass self when somethin’ needs doin’. Presale link forthcoming.


The second of my two contributions to the Llewellyn Sabbat series – Samhain! Yes, there’s lore – lots of it. I even succeeded in sneaking in some Slavic stuff. There’s recipes, spells, and I wrote all the poems and invocations for easy adaptation to ritual formats. It’s hard to write to all traditions – sometimes you have to adapt. It will release on September 8, 2015 – and is available for pre-order now.