Forthcoming Work

Some of you are probably peering ahead and smiling at my article in the 2009 Witch’s calendar, an article I wrote in 2007. For that, I thank you. I haven’t been writing less so much as I’ve been blogging more, and on other subjects, but as it is with an immanent spirituality, spirit has found a way to work me since working spiritually becomes terribly inorganic. When you start treating your spiritual life like a chore rather than a journey, you lose something – it starts with perspective, but it ends sometimes with your faith lost.

New changes are already on me: on December 31st, my longtime partner proposed, and I accepted. I now wear a symbol of our future together on my hand, and it makes me smile every time I look at my hand (although there was the awkward moment where I accidentally scratched my face with the stone.)  My perfumery is growing. And I am looking for new ways to make the most of my writing career.

I’ve been recognizing and admitting to myself I’ve been creatively blocked for awhile, and I’ve also managed to get past my own tough-mindedness wherein I accuse myself of laziness. I am organized, and motivated. My friends still comment on how driven I am, though I very nearly drove myself to destruction in years past. Because of this, I engaged in the process of the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and it has set me back on a track of real experience with the divine. It’s been valuable, and I recommend it with the understanding that your experience will never be quite like mine, but there will always be experiences to share. In the spirit of continuing to mine the why of my inability to finish lengthy works, I have chosen to continue this path with Finding Water, and you can read about my exploits/experiences of myself and my creative cluster over at I Plant the Seeds blog. The writing there is revealing, and can be discomforting, but it is necessary, like cleaning an attic of all the junk so you can install something better and more functional – like a writing space or a yoga studio.

I have beauty to contribute to this world and I’d like to make the most of it one word at a time. I hope you can join me. It’s so hard to be positive and aware, but it can be done, and that positivity begets change.

I believe that this is the year to Make Something Happen. Whatever it is you’ve been striving for, dreaming for, this is the year to get it done. I’ll check in. Will you?

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