From a simple walk outside

Lower back pain’s best remedy? A walk. So I went for one today, noting that weird smell when it’s warming up but it still wants to snow. I only picked my way around two patches of ice, a surefire warning of coming drought. I also encountered the following oddities lying along my path. I think of them as writing prompts: surely there’s a story for each object and how it got there.


dog_calendar022012A dog calendar, on the ground, open to February. Did someone not like dogs? Was there a post Valentine’s breakup?

Did it simply fall out of a box meant for the thrift store? There were no telltale boot prints, so it was not subject to some stomping.




A lone sock, lying on the lawn like a hung over frat boy. Dropped during a laundry run? The victim of a walk of shame? Used as a GI Joe parachute and then discarded?



And the piece de resistance? A rather large syringe, laying out by the tree. Probably for use by a severe diabetic – I knew a rather svelte football player in college who required one. Yes, this may be a byproduct of garbage day. BUT:

eviction_noticeIt came from this house, which had a foreclosure/eviction notice in the door. The former tenants would squat in lawn chairs and glare at passerby on nice days. Now they are gone.

It suggests there’s more to the story of the lone syringe, as these people were long gone from that house.