Furniture Hunt

Does anyone know where I might find a cheap knock-off of the above chair? I lust for this. I yearn for it. It looks like the perfect reading chair in my apartment. Especially since my husband and I both tend to have to have stuff to take notes while we read. Hell, I’m even willing to look at a DIY instruction manual to make a puppy like this.

I’ve been sprucing things up a bit at home, getting pictures framed, adding some visual elements to the furniture. Once the spring declutter is done I may post some pics of some of the fun little things I’ve been doing, including what I’ve been doing with my indoor garden. I’ve got some bridge photos decoupaged to my kitchen chairs, several postcards are now framed – but need hanging – and several tin lids are to be used as artwork frames. I’ve even gone so far as to cut and construct magical amulets from cardboard that I paper over. Trashion magic, at its most fun.

I may be having a rummage sale shortly, too. I’ve decided to try to pare down my wardrobe by around 60%, and while that’s hard for me to do, I think I’m making progress. A lot of the clothing is really worn and probably unsellable but a few pieces are usable, and if you’re handy with fixing a zipper I have a servicable Land’s End below-zero winter coat with a mud streak on the outside that is still usable – I’m just allergic to the feathers.

Of course, once I get the place how I want it, we might move. It’s a running source of frustration for me. My husband and I prefer a condo or townhouse, although with property prices dropping around here I am reconsidering my position mostly because I want dogs.