General Update & Divorcing a Real Witch update

The fall arts season begins, just as I’m going to be prepping like a madwoman for the Portland/New York trip. In the meantime, experiencing much discomfort at how little I’ve worked out lately – the calf cramping, it’s a problem, and I’m not sure how much daily yoga it’s going to take to straighten out. I tried to swim earlier this week, and I made it ten minutes before the telltale twinge in my calves drove me out of the pool. I really don’t want to have that happen during times there’s no lifeguard, and I have to wonder if the pool temperature plays into my issues. I may cave and rent a small locker – I can see life being easier if I just hop on a bus and go, with my clothing waiting patiently for me at the Y. Less stuff to carry on the bus, less excuses for incidents. Book stuff after cut.

As for the book – you know, that book – I’m on the third round of revising the book proposal and into the second draft of the book itself. After I enter changes, I plan to send a copy of the proposal and sample chapters to Lisa and get her feedback. I’m a little concerned, since according to AbsoluteWrite forums agents typically ask for the first fifty pages, and at this point my first two chapters come to roughly 30 pages, give or take some citations. I’m not really sure what I want to do here; wait until I polish chapter 3, or take the risk of getting bounced but know I turned in polished material? I guess I can see what any agent I approach says, and do my best to study up.

In the meantime, I did purchase a copy of Elements of Style. I can hope two or three readings brings up my grammar score at the content mill. Copyeditors’ distaste for my grammar wounds me, especially since I read a lot of grammatically correct writing that still sucks.

I realize I still have miles to go, and I only work on this book in small chunks – four or five pages a day. I plan to intensify that, and to really amp up some blog writing for Fat Chic, too, since these are the big items on my plate right now. Also, if you’re interested, I’m blowing off steam making incense paper bats. The little guys are kind of cool.