#ghoststories UFO Guest Post

I’ve always been interested in Diana’s paranormal encounters, and while I’ve never experienced anything like what she’s seen, heard, or felt involving that “other side,” I do have a little tale of my own. After emailing her to share my odd story, she suggested I share it with her readers. Why not?

I’ve only told this to a select bunch: my family, my husband, my best friend, Diana — and the author of Green Mountain Ghosts, Ghouls, and Unsolved Mysteries, Joseph Citro, who mentioned Vermont UFOs in his book. Here’s my tale:

I grew up in rural Vermont, and the whole area near my house is kind of spooky, but I never saw anything until I was 17. Then I saw something in the crazy-making territory. An honest-to-goodness UFO!

I was driving home from a friend’s house one night because the electricity went off, and this was before we all had cell phones — I had to get home to set my battery-powered alarm clock. I was driving on a flat stretch when I saw two big door-sized red lights down the road, with some white lights on the top. I figured it was the repair truck and kept driving. I ended up driving right up to the thing and realized that the lights weren’t in front of me…I had just driven under them! I saw the lights from the thing illuminating the trees, and then it slowly went across the corn field (stereotypical) and into the woods.

I’ll never see that thing again, but I won’t even be able to erase it from my memory. If you want to go UFO hunting, maybe you should try Vermont. 

Image: Shoothead