God Is not an Asshole: Installment 1

I’ve always found the idea that religious beliefs require academic backing well, insane.

Religion is the very department of the irrational. By itself that isn’t a bad thing – nor is it a good thing.

It just is.

Some of us believe in a divine intelligence, an intentional organization of the universe, a giant puppeteer making us all crawl eventually – whatever.

But sooner or later some asshole just has to be right and so the quest to “prove” God/ess begins. And it’s always pointless.

We don’t know. The point of religion is to not know.

Seriously, as much as I love my books and random facts, I have always been a religious woman. And that means there’s a chunk of my brain that a)believes something out there and b)is OK with not being too sure. In this context faith means “can function without proof.” It’s not my first priority in life, this state of non-proof. That’s good – it lets me keep friends who believe differently. It lets me put scientific discovery first, or better yet, incorporate that into my faith.  I am skeptical of other people, but terribly skeptical of phenomena. Also, it’s always fun to have an excuse to write “phenomena.”

That’s all religion is. I’m pretty sure it’s a neurological state and not everyone can or should be wired for it.

But because there’s so much “don’t know” the “not –alloweds” that actually do not impact anyone else’s daily lives or practices are a load of steaming hooey.

I think somewhere along the way people have lost their ability to discern the moral difference between “I am going to make stuff up and claim my ancestors did it since I am pretty sure I believe as they did,” “yeah, I made it up and I’m none too interested in my ancestors and as far as a personal operating system goes, it’s not bad,” and “you’re doing what? But I haven’t given your permission!”

The intention of a religion depends on the religion. The intention of faith is to delegate doubt to other places where it can come in handy.

This is the first, possibly only installment of G.O.D is not an asshole series.