Handparting and Wicca passage

Brick roadI suspect this will need rewriting or reframing, as it’s a hobbling concept but one that rings true at the moment:

“Forgiveness itself is a complicated issue that’s treated badly in western culture. Because of Christian thinking, there are people who believe they’re entitled to forgiveness from everyone. They’re not. Forgiveness, like respect, is an earned and mutual process, and far too many people push for you to forgive others because they do not want to deal with the very real consequences of someone else’s pain.”

I really have encountered a lot of people who think that they’re just owed forgiveness for the harm they do. And others that push me to forgive wrongs done to me despite no efforts made to right or even apologize for/take responsibility for the cruel action.  I don’t practice a religion founded on some guy forgiving all my sins, and when I did practice that religion, I was not so convinced of my moral rightness that I eschewed responsibility for my actions.