Herbal update: how I’m treating this cold right now

A not-fun thing with colds: how you treat them can change day to day. Day one and day two I was mostly trying to fend off the sinus drip. I could feel it trickling into my lungs, making a complete upper respiratory infection. Since I have moderate to severe asthma, that’s a very bad thing. While I do all this I am still taking my asthma meds, which consist of nasal and mouth inhalers. So I have to do a lot of work to keep things clear enough that my day to day meds continue to work alongside whatever else I might be taking. The one “good” thing in all this is that my day to day meds are mostly corticosteroids. There isn’t a whole lot of stuff that they conflict with. Some – I’m not supposed to use Afrin, for instance, but neti pots and saline sprays are OK.

So here’s my treatment plan as best I can do it around my asthma meds:

Day 1: sore throat – baking soda/lime juice/stevia tonic, twice a day at least an hour or two after I’ve taken any medication.

Neti pot beginning and end of day.

Day 2: sore throat, nasal drainage, fatigue – above, add Advil cold and sinus, add Theraflu two hours later, and 3-6 cups of the tea I created the other day.

Ate mostly yogurt.

Day 3: the nasal drainage is definitely settling in the throat.

Neti pot, 3 times a day, especially right before I need to use my nasal inhaler. May require 2 pots full for each nostril (grossness ensued, but it worked.)

Gargle with salt water and tea tree oil – plain cold water gargle after.

New tea; hyssop, sage, mullein, cloves, garlic, stevia – 6 cups over the course of the day. Lightly coat bottom of mug with honey to further treat impending cough.

Alkalyzing drink in middle of day (the baking soda thing)

Ate some protein – grilled steak, and peaches (supposedly good for asthmatics.)

Day 4: Neti pot, 3 times. Standard asthma meds (can never skip those.) Tea tree gargle, followed by plain water rinse.

The big switch is the tea: hyssop, fresh thyme (have a bunch on my balcony, and it’s great for coughs), cloves, sage, mullein, stevia – 6 cups over course of day

It’s worth noting that the 6 cup dosage is because of the severity of symptoms. In milder cases 3 cups a day is fine. Mostly I’m trying to stave off a severe cough.

Also, this is a reminder that I need to construct a standard healing petition when I am not sick, so it’s ready to go in my BOS when I am and instructs me quite clearly when my cognition is on fog delay.