How we explained leasing a Nissan Leaf to our financial advisor


1. Leases are almost always a terrible decision. This was no exception, especially since we failed to do our legwork to find out that Nissan was subsidizing so that many drivers are paying a lot less than we are. Lesson 2: if you’re going to lease a car you can damn well still negotiate.

English: 2011 Nissan Leaf electric car at the ...
English: 2011 Nissan Leaf electric car at the 2011 Washington Auto Show (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2. We did that.

This is how we explained our decision to lease a 100% electric car to our financial advisor:

“We’ve had a really insanely stressful month followed by a stressful cosmic situation. It was lease now or have Diana kill and eat the next perfectly innocent car salesman.”

At least a Nissan fits with our lifestyle choices – since we live in cities and not suburbs it’s pretty practical. We named it Dino, because it does not run on dead dinosaur.