I am under siege…

Right now there are dozens of wasps hovering outside my house on the south side. Not cute honey bees or harmless drones of other varieties. Wasps. I seem to get stalked by them. I’ve already tried the natural method of dissuasion – clove and eucalyptus essential oils. No luck. I seem to have more as a result.

Earlier this year birds would hang out; there was one bizarre incident where a finch flapped its wings to hover at my window and peer inside at me before flying off to do its thing. This stopped around the time one bird got stuck inside our basement egress while I was working. I released it – after it nearly knocked itself unconscious several times trying to escape me (it seemed cool with the invisible gave situation, not the “human in the invisible cave” deal.  I’d like them back now – we have plenty for them to eat, please.

Of course because I’m me my first guess is the supernatural. But it probably has more to do with the snapdragons blooming at the end of my driveway. Still, I’m irritated yet again at the stalking by wasps. If it isn’t the WASPS I want out of my life, it’s the wasps that built a nest in my 4th floor air conditioning vent for no good reason and now, the bastards are appearing at my house. You can see why a woman gets a touch paranoid. Trying to reason with the beasts only gets me a recurring message of orders and programming – it’s like talking to any crazy person, but smaller and more buzzed.

My only guess as to why the bees are here now when they’ve ignored us all season is that it’s reasonably dry. Ah well.

Time to decide between a bird feeder or poison. Since I’m allergic I can’t afford error.


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