I finished the Vein of Gold

And it was revelatory, and of course unexpected, though at this point it’s a small letdown. I don’t magically have any work complete. I do, on the other hand, have a lot of work started, notably three to five starts for actual prose fiction, most in the fantasy genre. I had some serious situations that count for a production slowdown last year – death and a wedding – so I’m optimistic that this year is the year to at least raise my hands at my keyboard while shouting “I finished!” I realize that I’m in some ways ahead of others on this path – I have actually completed these 12 week courses. And the morning pages are really helping me work out my inner unhappy, and get band-aids on the internal booboos.

I’m concentrating the next few weeks on getting my book reviews done (two of five are in draft and waiting for final revisions) and figuring out my next step. I know I need to start doing the whole networking thing, and getting my work out there – one is necessary to the other. While I feel like I’m once again missing out by not just being at PantheoCon, the effect such festivals have on me are both motivating and decelerating. Lots of great, high ideas – most of which drag me off my path as I’m to help someone else achieve his/her goals in the name of “community.” Even when doing my own thing would also enhance said community.

I’m still going to work through the rest of Cameron’s Artist’s Way books. I do feel I am materially different as a result of the work, and I want to see where the whole journey takes me. I’m also hoping it ends in a completed manuscript somewhere down the line.