I rarely lie

Not only am I incredibly bad at it – I suck at lying, and so when in situations where I feel it’s best I generally resort to passive forms like omission. I actually have to fight with myself to leave an Internet pseudonym.

And most of the time, my life is so bizarre I don’t need to lie. People who don’t know me don’t believe me anyway. There’s one newer person in my life who would never say it to my face, but who suspects I’m at the very least prone to hyperbole. Perhaps when making a story funnier if I can, but no. I’m not terribly invested in whether he trusts my personal veracity or not. I’m just not hung up on that stuff anymore. But he’s starting to catch on that a lot of those stories of mine he dismisses are true, running into people that were there or people who know both of us that say, “Oh yeah, you should have seen her right after that, it looks like she took on the truck fleet herself!” ((Not in reference to any actual situation, ever.))

I can tell that either he’s been asking or people have been talking, because more and more often, I’ll say/explain something on the fly, and he’ll stop me and say, “Really?”