If you see these book reviews, tell me

I just went on a massive Wayback Machine tear triggered by attempting to make my online curriculum vitae as complete as possible. It’s still not – I know there are many, many Beltane Paper reviews lost to both the ages and that weird script pagination thing that one web designer chose to use a few years ago. ((Did nothing to enhance usability, and probably shortchanged the site on much-needed SEO.)) I also wound up finding where much more of the old Medea’s Chariot website was hiding, and while I’m missing a few pages, I managed to gather enough of my originally written content to come to about 135,000 words. Much of it still stands up to time, too. I’m also now really pissed at the people who patted me on my head and told me I made a “good beginner’s site.” There was always a certain group of “elders” that wanted to keep me in my place, and I think that attitude caused not just me to miss out on some phenomenal building opportunities that the Pagan community needed and still needs. I even recovered the “Guide for the Student Pagan” I wrote while helping run MSUPagan at Mankato. Fritz over at Witch’s Voice was also kind enough to link stray content I wrote in the 90s back to my current profile.

The massive folder of pdfs I made with all the old press clippings, etc. is long gone – and of course, in the name of making my move less miserable/digitizing, I shredded all those old clips. ((I regret nothing. My stuff was starting to rule my life, and that’s just no good.))

So, among the missing at this point:

  • Various Beltane Papers reviews
  • a couple reviews written for New Witch
  • the article on menstruation I published in SageWoman many, many years ago

I’m sure there’s more that I forgot.

I’m also adding a bunch of stuff to my 1990s news clippings set on flickr soon. Old school portfolios, and let’s face it, my writing from back then, too, are pretty boring. At least flickr livens it up a little.