I’m a TCTitan nominee…if you’re calling me big

…I’ve made a business out of that.

Seriously, some mysterious person for some mysterious reason nominated my Twitter for a “top 10 social media Titans in the Twin Cities” award. While it would be cool if I won, I have no idea what any of that means. My tweets are simply about things that interest me, nothing more and nothing less. Certainly I have a lot of interests, and I tweet about them when something interesting happens to me. While my existence no longer reflects the Loony Tunes physics of my teens and twenties, once in awhile I see something worth the 140 characters. Sometimes I think of something that will make someone laugh. Sometimes I leave public notice when I do things where someone might need to find my body.

I’m not aiming for anything social or artsy. I’m just expressing myself, and trying to connect with souls who can add dimension to my daily perspective. I find those souls by synchronicity, accident, or sheer fangirl enthusiasm. (@FrederickWeller has a feed well worth reading from the bottom up.)

For those tuning in, motivated by the “mystery” that is social media:

I’m as mystified by my follower count as are those that meet me. Have you seen the feed counts on my blog? Low! Obviously, the very idea of strategy is gathering dust bunnies in my consciousness.

When I first got into using Twitter, it was a sanity-saver, since I work at home, alone and sometimes the isolation gets to me. As far as “strategy” “SEO” or “social media” go there’s been far less put into mine than goes into most who use theirs professionally. What strategy does go in comes from Twitterfeeder – I post my blogs because people on my feed know me, and want to read my blog, or use Twitter in place of an RSS feed because Twitter allows just the right amount of social distance: it’s not voyeurism if you read a blog post from a Twitter, but you’re not such good friends you feel obligated to comment.

Given the frosty nature of most Minnesotans, Twitter makes a lot of sense. I say this not only  because I consider Facebook one of the latest additions in the circles of Hell, but because as a state culture, folks here are reserved. This gives them a chance to screen me for nine or ten years before making a decision about me. It drove me crazy when I moved here, but I’ve watched Fargo often enough now that I at least understand the concept behind the reservation.

I will say I’ve made friends, or at least friendly acquaintances, through Twitter. This must, however come with a caveat: I have an unusually high tendency to meet the people in the box – that is to say, most of the people I’ve become closely associated with online I do tend to meet in person, often more than once. It began with my friend Ruth from the Daria fan community deciding she wanted margaritas with me and sending me a ticket, and it’s just been the way of my life ever since. (Ruth is still a dear friend of mine.)  While I haven’t met everyone I follow on Twitter, I’m reasonably certain I’ve met around 25%, either because we met before Twitter use or through #igniteminneapolis or the #mplsdoctorwhomeetup.

I like Twitter. It’s a good way to meet minds, and I hope it sticks around for a long time . But, in this strange examination, if I were to pinpoint the reason my Twitter gets so much interest…

It would be sincerity. I’m not a great writer. I’m not a great artist.  I’m a C-list blogger on Fat Chic, and I’m pretty sure this blog doesn’t even get a letter. ((Great = famous, in this context. Whether I’m any good is completely irrelevant to me – that’s what rewrites are for.)) I do not really do anything even remotely resembling social media strategy on my feed. I follow my honest interests, respond to what truly resonates, and comment when I think it’s worth sharing.

However I got on this list, thank you. I really am glad someone enjoys reading my Tweets, although I have to admit I tend to think in a more general “from the personalities I know on my list someone will appreciate this” rather than “this will get retweeted/inspire action/inspire sales!”  I guess you could count it as a contribution to Twin Cities culture in the winter, when we’re all indoors appreciating how computers can heat up a room.