I’m Seeking Employment

I’ve decided to return to some sort of outside employment. I’m not giving up on the art life – not at all – but I do feel like bringing in some income will get me past some of my debt hurdles and establish better equilibrium at home. For now, here’s my approach:

  1. Morning pages, artist’s way work as usual
  2. Writing  minimums per usual
  3. Apply for three positions per day, five days a week. Only apply for jobs that genuinely interest me. I’ve learned my lesson about being picky, and right now I have that luxury. I’m going to use it.
  4. On Tuesday, I focus on my Etsy shop. I have plans to turn it into a sort of handmade botanica, and move my aesthetic perfumes to a different shop and label
  5. Keep up with what I can keep up with. I haven’t been living the life of leisure, just the life of low pay.

As to the type of job I want – preferably, something involving any of the following industries would please me. I’m looking for full or part-time, benefits are at this point not a major issue:

Media – publishing, journalism, blogging, it’s all OK with me; I’m already in the biz, after all

Consumer fashion – I’d be great at running a company’s blog, Twitter or Facebook

Arts nonprofit: I like to write grants, research stuff, I can even event and volunteer coordinate well Cosmetics, especially the kind of place that could use someone with my olfactory design skills

If a job is off-beat and quirky enough, I’ll consider it whether or not it falls in the above grid. I’m excellent at the undefined stuff, the “We need x to happen, but we’re not totally sure how to get to it.” That’s my specialty.

I prefer something where I can get there by mass transit; I am also fully equipped for telecommute.

And yes, mama needs a different laptop.