I’m standing while I write this

my short term standing desk rig.


Hurt my back again – great big flare up of sciatica. This despite having the ergiest of ergonomic fancy desk chairs, the mode-est of modular desks and the second finest of whatever computing equipment my partner decides I should have. (That last part actually pisses me a bit. One of these days I want to be the one to get the shiny new computer. I will probably have to make that happen on my own. ) I’m unsure how this will work out for me – writing standing up seems odd, almost like it might disrupt the creative process. But it might help. Standing desks are trendy – there’s a whole slew of scare articles about how, if you sit while you work, you’re gonna die. (!!!) Most is wildly overstated to induce a panic sufficient to get you to buy overpriced furniture – when the simple reality is that most people in the western world, fat or thin, need more exercise than they get. Standing desks are just one method of getting that extra little bit of exercise in. Sadly the standing craze for health has made it almost impossible for me to Google something about the effect of standing work on cognition which, in my line of work as a writer, is far more important. I could swear before someone started the panic/”magic thin pill standing desk!” sales that there was actual research into the cognitive effects of working on your feet. Not so much information about processing information anymore, I’m afraid. It’s more important to most people to be thin than to be smart – but perhaps this particular manipulation of public consciousness will get people to be smarter, thus foiling those who manipulate us into constantly fearing our own bodies and what other people think about them.

Oh, for those wondering – the desk this is on can be taken apart and rigged up higher, it’s just a long, very physical process. If it turns out I can work this way we will be raising the desk we have – NOT buying some fancy new one. We shall see. My partner had his raised for awhile but since he has a standing desk at work he decided he preferred to sit down at home. Since I work from home full time, moderating will be a bit different.