In other news…

032910 241The book on handparting in rough draft is just over 58,000 words right now. I have a ways to go yet, including collecting survey data and interviewing people for the book and to run on my website. I’m not refusing to show people the manuscript because I’m being coy or I’m concerned that my ideas will be stolen. ((It’s a law of the Internet that if you post it, someone will steal it, and while I’m wildly annoyed at people who steal my stuff – and more annoyed when they claim they have a right to it both for the entitlement and inaccuracy – I can’t let it end my world.)) I’m not sharing right now because it’s a rough draft, rough enough that  sneak peeks would probably lose me some business. When I write a rough draft I write it really badly, since it’s more important to get all the words out than it is to make sure each one is shined and polished. Writing badly actually ensures I finish a project, because cleanup does not strike me as unbearable.

I’m on the last chapter of the very rough draft, and my next efforts will go into writing and polishing an outline and sample chapters, followed by a big push on Witchvox and somewhere else (not sure where) to collect survey information for the book. I’m going to be very personal, and I will talk about my own journeys, and I will talk about the journeys of others. I write this with the full understanding that there will never be a final authority on divorce, or on any subject, ever. While individuals and their core characters generally do not change over the course of a lifetime we live in a universe where we find new information and must learn and change every single day. The core precepts and assumptions of the 1970s may impact my life through historical connection, but it’s the discoveries made yesterday only now seeding the fields of the future that are shaping it. What we believed about divorce in the 1950s is completely different than what we believe in 2010, but some people choose to cling to the 50s. And let’s face it, most of what we believe about the 50s and 60s are pretty much wrong, too.

In other news, I deleted my Paganspace account. It just felt like the same conversations I had in 1996 with no evolution I could see, and it frustrated me. I just haven’t found a really strong pagan forum with a decent population and fresh topics that I find enjoyable. I’ve certainly had people go out of their way to tell me I’m not particularly advanced, so if that’s true, I would assume that there’s a real conversation worth observing somewhere. Either that or the people trying to put me in my place are just doing it because they’re twits and miss all the actual newbies making them feel superior.

Seriously, if you know of a community with conversations that go beyond shielding/no, you actually don’t need a rope/yes, bad stuff can happened to advanced witches too and into genuinely imaginative and innovative territory, I would love to join the party.