Introducing Fireside chats

Quote from RT Rybak about what he'll miss about mayorship. (From @Minnesota Monthly) a billion dollar values statement...
..or bedside manner might be more appropriate. It is a bit weird to use an FDR reference in general, though I doubt he’d have been offended by a Wiccan – or, more likely at that time, a theosophist – co-opting some of his best marketing.

I am making an effort to book-end my day with “casual” writing. As you can see from the auto-posts on the blog iplanttheseeds is feeding here as I work my way through Julia Cameron’s Supplies. That’s work I do in the morning. In the middle of the day, I work on the books I’m writing. At the moment that’s two works-for-hire for Llewellyn. By the time I finish them a new round of summer annuals will open and I hope to get in on that. I am also working up a pitch for Urban Wicca. Ending the day with my blog seems like a suitable book-end.

It’s not that I actually write 8 hours a day. There are writers who can out there somewhere…and I am unlikely to meet those individuals because they are actually working while the rest of us are up about doing stuff, whether it’s posting crap on Facebook, emptying/loading dishwashers or hovering in the #AbsoluteWrite chatroom under the guise of networking that is sometimes legit… and sometimes procrastination.

I want to talk about all sorts of things and it’s difficult to round it up in one go.

But I am so fond of my lists, and I am eternally grateful for Google Keep for days when the linear approach is just not going to work.

The big-draw stuff I want to do:

101 classes:

  • general Paganism (changing face)
  • general Wicca
  • Basic folk magic practice/psychic self management
  • The kind of magic you do when you just want to get the fuck on with your life (my primary practice)

Writing concerns:

  • the problems of routine
  • the workshop I’m teaching at 2014 Paganicon: Uh, is this a cult?

Magickal stuff:

  • Magick made for Mercury Rx (whatever, I get two chances a year.)
  • Hauntings – a recent long-term effort
  • The connection between physicality (kinesthetic learning) and magick.

Personal Stuff:

  • The Vampire Academy Series or: Why Hollywood should not be left unsupervised with anything labeled feminist
  • Adventures in chiropracty or: why I trust the guy but I still don’t want him snapping my neck
  • HAES: 5 years and 50 pounds later, still fat and cool with it
  • How winter in Minnesota is suddenly making the Shining something I can empathize with
  • My latest experiment with Pagan community
  • My own weird Internet dating stories – as a person OKCupid almost had to reject (and most people just get that with eHarmony!)
  • Regrets
  • Apologies
  • Thank yous
  • Celebrations

Now I’ve made the list. No one knows if I’ll actually get through it, least of all me.  All I can do is just start somewhere and hope for the best – especially as I’m accepting that I am not going to be one of those people that accomplishes every little thing I think of.