Letter to a starlet in her late 20s

The First Letter
The First Letter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear M –

Despite the rather buried publicity about your rumored breakdown, I can see from checking IMDB that you are working. Good for you!

Just in case you are feeling isolated, I thought you might want to try this book – while it’s more an excuse to buy crayons than it is self-help, it’s gotten me writing and enjoying it again (as opposed to just writing.) It’s also given me a place to stash the crazy that is legacy and tool to all creative types.

It’s normal to try it (the book) and quit a few times. It does good things but it’s kind of like cleaning a closet; everyone is surprised at all the stuff they packed in there. You do have to have some sense of “higher power” or you might find it doesn’t work. While not agnostic, I have agnostic moments – picturing a 12 volt battery does the job well enough for me.

I work with a cluster of other artists scattered throughout the States. One is a photographer and soapmaker your own age. Two of us are in our late 30s; we knit, manage museums, write, perfume, create, tend children and don’t have any children.

I’m not going to mention sending this to you. If you’d like to interact, you’re welcome to use a pseudonym. I don’t need to know who you are – it’s not like I do now!

As for who I am… Anna Wintour would hate me. Agents and producers have spit on the ground at the sight of me. I take it all with rapturous glee. I’ve been through my own hell, some of my own making and some not. I’m sure this sounds familiar to you.

Your body language in photos suggests you are a person of poise and introversion – or your handler is. I do get the sense you have creative capacity. I’d love to see it or hear it – I don’t need to see or hear you for that to be possible.

Best regards and wishes for your health and happiness –