Links Tour: state of the online writing industry collection

Quoted in Buffalo News about the local citizen journalism phenomenon by inju.
flickr screenshot upload by inju

Yes, I happen to be Wiccan and I do write about that quite a bit here, but I also keep an eye on what’s going on in the world outside my subculture – because it very much impacts it. I would say that neopagans as a group are absolute early adopters and absolute late adopters. It all comes from a strange medley of “Age of Aquarius” thinking combined with imagining a “good old days” that precedes indoor toilets. The end result is the plugged in and the tuned out. Consequently a lot of our “old school” subculture ideas about collaborative community and self-directed creative living are starting to happen right now, and I suspect that it’s getting missed.

So I give you this collection of  links from various news/writing blogs I read, because the Internet, it’s a-changin’ once again:

Digital Sunlight: Publish 2’s platform for digital journalism.
“Our goal for Digital Sunlight is to enable the largest collaborative reporting effort in history, and to demonstrate that collaboration is essential to the future of journalism.” This allows the sources to be part of directing the story – truly a revolutionary approach, when done right. But I suspect that there may be an initiation phase for this project.

How Google stole control over content distribution.
This raises a question – is there any other search engine that people really bother using these days? I haven’t even looked at Alta Vista since discovering Google a decade ago.

Why releasing copyright will be the smartest thing you do.

Not directly related, but this gives me so much hope: Kid keeping library of banned books in locker.

MacRaven has a pointed quote up about copyfraud – say, those irritating spam blogs that ping you when they’ve linked to/stolen your content? Please note: when I promote collaboration, collaboration implies that you have something of your own to genuinely ad to the content.

Recent J-School grad cries to Salon columnist. This amused me, because of how out of touch it was on both sides. After struggling post grad-school, having parents help me in any way and making a little here and there for a freelance gig is pretty darned good immediately post-college.

And another impressively disturbing bit of news from MacRaven: Judge thinks linking to copyrighted material should be illegal.