Marketing and mental energy considerations

I’m debating combining this blog with my Magickal Realism Perfume Arts blog. I have yet to make a full decision. Among the factors I’m taking into account:

I effectively run and maintain five blogs full time. Two of the three are totally subject-driven (Artist’s Way and Fat Chic.) One is technically for marketing (Magickal Realism), and blogs meant to market alone are often doomed to fail.  There’s a reason for the constant scramble for fresh content. My livejournal is truly the most social of my blogs, and I recently made the decision to funnel this blog and Magickal Realism blog on to it – while I had a few unfriendings, this decision for the most part has been tolerated. Because I actually use livejournal, I still do regular live, original-to-livejournal posts there.

I’m also writing a book and running a business that has lagged due to my father’s death combined with deliberate plans to put some structure in place behind the scenes on the blogs and in my studio. Those structures are in place, and my business needs more of my attention so I can give it the best chance possible to prove itself viable.

I want to try combining my writing and my perfumery blogs together. This is in part because I feel like the writing and the perfuming businesses conflict, and by integrating them in a physical way on my blog they’ll connect in a mental way in my head, and no longer be seen as two different things vying for my attention. This is also because by themselves neither has much of a following, but together – with the benefit of more frequent content by BEING together-  the following might increase, as will the likelihood of regular content on both. The question that remains is: how will the different markets/interests take it? Will people be confused at occasional stuff about writing – or annoyed by the periodic product plugs? What if the Pagan market that goes for cheapness over quality finds me and gets noisy about my refusal to cooperate with that paradigm?

These are risks to consider – I’d love to hear thoughts on this. Livejournal people, I would guess, would be happy to see fewer daily posts on my blog, since LJ is a once-a-day type of medium. (Also, since my cross-poster does horrible things whenever I have a gallery posting…) This is one of many areas where I’m feeling a deep need to streamline my life and combine things if I can. As it is, I feel like my attention is just spread out too far.