Maybe I’m mainstreaming a little too well

I set aside the loud pentacle-wearing approach to Wicca several years ago, not just for the sake of my job, but because I’ve gradually found my brethren that do take this approach mortifying. Even so, I’m not exactly in the closet about what I write, and if someone asks me my religion, I state it straight out, without blinking.

That said, in some circles I travel I don’t talk about myself much. I guess that the genuinely curious will find my blogs and end up knowing quite a lot about me as a human being, and the rest aren’t terribly interested in me if they’re not asking me questions. At least, that’s how I think it works.

So yesterday, when an acquaintance assumed I was Mormon, I guess I shouldn’t have been totally surprised. It’s hilarious, but still surprising – and I have absolutely no idea how he got that impression.