Mercury Retrograde Boot Camp Day 13: Repair

Pedestrian Bridge over Hennepin and Lyndale
Repair something. You don’t need to fix every broken thing in your life, just pick one small thing and give it a fix. That wobbly table, the rip in the jacket that you still want to wear, the button that needs to be re-attached. If you did some cosmetic damage to your car, that weather-proofing paint to slow down rust might help; iff you have a hole in your window screen and you can’t fix it all at once, put up that little bit of duct tape.

You may find, in the process of repair, that you want to transform things. Those old T-shirts are great if you work with charm bags and hoodoo type workings; old socks are great for stuffing handmade pillows, sock monkeys, or even making travel-protection charms for future reference. (Sock = foot = travel.)

Practical Reason:

It will amaze you how that single small action will fill you with a sense of accomplishment

Metaphysical Reason:

Repairing small items seals energy “leaks”, based on the concept that everything you own/live with is a manifestation of your personal energy.