Mercury Retrograde Boot Camp Day 14: Renew

Cemetry Statue
mainly there because she looks all protect-and-servey - photo by Diana Rajchel

To my outside-the-US readers: this is a very US-centric post/concern. However, you may also know of and wish to comment here with the regular paperwork type stuff you yourselves have to do as a routine part of living in your own country.

For the last two years, the state of Minnesota sent my car license tabs to the wrong address. Whoever received them instead of me went “Hey! free tabs!” and left me to get pulled over by police officers who wanted to deal with someone over something that did not involve drunken belligerence or human trafficking.

While chatting up the slightly insane cuties the MPD hires is fun in its own right, our police officers are famous for being about three beers short of a six pack, and they carry guns for non-hunting reasons, which are two of my biggest turn-offs. (Married, not dead, and not a hypocrite. F-off with any virtuous quibbling.) Also, men in uniforms don’t really do it for me. Neither do men in kilts, because on some subconscious level I know it’s a military uniform.

While I have my share of parking tickets and once financially crippled myself with my speedy Gonzales routine, I have also gotten citations for things much more easily avoidable:

  • Forgetting to update my address on my license
  • Forgetting to update the address on my car (I know some don’t do it as a way to cheat on their insurance; it’s a racket, but doing that can cause bigger financial troubles if you end up NEEDING the insurance)
  • Forgetting to renew my license – and that last once can be a heap of trouble if you’re caught off guard.

So today, I recommend you go through your routine papers-of-existence and renew everything up for renewal. While you’re at it, you may want to plug in a reminder on your digital calendar that will pop up or send you an email or text when renewal time rolls around again.

This renewal list can include, but is not limited to:

  • Your driver’s license
  • Any visas that allow you to be wherever you are
  • Passports
  • Paid accounts that you use
  • Magazines or other subscriptions that you want to keep
  • Memberships: health clubs, school stuff (kids or you), interest organizations, nonprofits that you donate to
  • Your discount club card stuff – Sam’s, Costco, your local coop, what have you
  • This is also a good time to schedule health, eye and dental checkups

Practical Reason:

It saves you hassle in your future. If you know these things are coming, you can set aside the cash or paperwork you need, organize your work schedule around it, and have one less thing to panic about if an officer of the law flashes his lights.

Metaphysical Reason:

Magical energies have a liquid-like flow to them. When you handle the stuff that can create a hiccup in your routine, you allow that flow to continue undisrupted. That makes it just that much easier to manifest your long-term goals.