Mercury Retrograde Boot Camp Day 16: Recycle

Today: Recycle something.

Remember the 90s environmental tenet of “Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle?”

Ultimately, all three of those lead back to recycle in some way or another. While we have focused most on recycle, as it gets aluminum, plastic and paper back to industry so it can churn more products out, the other approaches have their benefits too.

Look around your home. Along with the usual stuff that you throw in the recycling bin, consider:

  • Books. I know some of you just can’t let it go. If you have a dust allergy like I do, you’re going to have to. If you KNOW you’re never going to re-read them, it’s good book-parenting to move them on to where they will be read. If you’re a flaming heretic like I am, you can also use the books that are falling apart in craft projects. That weird social status thing where lots of books = you are Smart and Important died. I meant to send a telegram.
  • Single socks. Their mates disappeared through a dimensional wormhole in the dryer, and are somewhere in a disco, where tube socks are hooking up with nylon threads under flashing lights. End their partnerless languishing – if you don’t use them as dust rags, etc. and you’re disinclined towards sock monkey making, bag them up and offer them on freecycle or Craig’s List. What doesn’t end its life as a sock monkey could easily get stuffed into a homemade pillow.
  • Those sample size makeup type things – lotions, pads, etc. that for whatever reason you will never use again. While some places won’t be able to take some things for sanitary reasons, battered women’s shelters are ALWAYS in need of diapers, personal products, and larger clothing  that is good for a day job.
  • Toilet paper rolls, ancient wrapping paper, reusable packaging you’re not going to reuse – call or email a school near you. Art teachers, but all teachers, really, generally get stuck paying for school supplies out of their own pockets. Offer to donate this stuff to them – they could  really use it, and you’ll be contributing to a child’s education.

Something else worth exploring is auditing your home for stuff you need, and looking for ways to repurpose stuff you already have. For example, I plan on prettying up an old tequila bottle as a wine decanter or juice carafe. If you want some other really awesome ideas, watch Brini Maxwell’s show on youtube – it’s hysterical while very practical.