Mercury Retrograde Boot Camp Day 17: Get that checked, or check on that

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Get that checked.
While Mercury Retrograde is not so great for surgeries, it is a decent time for diagnostics. Because everything has slowed down, the inclination is to dig deeper, look closer, and poke a little harder. So if you’ve had that weird growth on your knee for awhile, or your teeth ache spontaneously, this is the time to schedule an appointment of the look-see variety.

Practical reason:
Staying healthy doesn’t just happen. It takes effort, especially as you get older. While it’s not nearly as dolorous as the US-Protestant background suggests – if you know food well, healthy is tasty and there’s always some form of exercise that’s fun to you – it still takes the occasional check-in. The earlier you find something, the better you’ll be able to address it and the lest it should cost you.

Metaphysical reason:
The stuff we are exposed to is also exposed to us.

Check on that
If you’re waiting on a passport, an order you placed, for your car tabs to arrive – go find customer service, check your email for tracking numbers, and see what’s up if you haven’t got your goods and services yet. Just yesterday I found out that a store I ordered clothing from had held the shipment for ten days without notifying me. Notably, no one apologized to me for the lapse in service.

Practical reason:
I know from a decade working in customer service that stuff slips through the cracks. 99% of the time this is a)not an accident and b)not the fault of the person stuck answering your irate phone call. Companies make a certain amount of money through lapse, especially when you try to cash in on a rebate. Be nice, polite, patient – even friendly. Kindness on your end of the line prompts effort on the other end of the line. Believe me, these people aren’t putting forth effort for the money they make; even US-based call centers pay well below living wage.

Metaphysical reason:
These checks are a good way of seeing how well you’re physically organized, and how well you manifest. This is not actual magic, the ordering of stuff. But if you do magic to make events proceed in an orderly manner – for example, having your passport show up without a visa quibble – this is the best way to measure your success.