Mercury Retrograde Boot Camp Day 21: DVDs and Music

upcycled CDs by Barsotti Designs on flickr

This is another declutter/refresh style exercise; again, I know some folks cling to their goodies, especially those who focus (or arguably over-focus) on esoteric treats. I have no problem whatsoever with seeking and valuing the rare. I simply caution that to over-focus on the unusual and rare can in turn breed its own kind of unpleasant ignorance. I’ve found that snobbishness is mostly just a more expensive type of illiteracy.

While I don’t think the CD is going the way of the 8-track – not anytime soon, anyway – it might be a good time to take a good look at your home entertainment collection.

  • Is there something you’re embarrassed you own?
  • Is there something you borrowed that needs to be returned? Return it – now is the time.
  • Is there something you know you won’t listen to again?
  • Is something broken, scratched, stretched or unplayable?

Also, you may want to give yourself some extra storage space.  You can store both cover art and the CD or DVD in binders now , for example:

What to do with them – these are just a few possibilities:

  • If you live near a Half Price Books, Cheapo, or place that sells secondhand music/entertainment, bring it in.
  • Garage sale.
  • You can sell books via Amazon, or This process can be very, very slow, however. If you’re likely to forget and then have a crisis when somebody up and buys your stuff, skip this one.
  • For scratched and damaged CDs/DVDs: you can send them to electronics recycling, donate them to a school for art projects, or offer them as a supply to crafters that specialize in upcycling. Also, I know from an ex who “punished” his “bad” music this way, that  CDs make excellent coasters.


The Practical Reason:

Having less stuff means getting more out of the stuff you have.

The Metaphysical Reason:

Beyond the usual energetic benefits of unburdening material that no longer gives you a mood boost or spiritual satisfaction? None, really. I just like being organized.