Mercury Retrograde Boot Camp Day 23: that blog you’ve been meaning to look at …

Again, I swear this was on my list before the random happened. Really. Maybe I should just start scanning and posting series notes at the beginning, not that anyone has directly questioned my veracity.

Someone mentioned that she read this blog in its entirety yesterday. I’m flattered, if a little nonplussed.  Belle du Jour, now that’s a start-to-finish. Me? Use the search engine. (Unfortunately, Brooke’s original blog seems to have disappeared, denying me the opportunity to finish reading it. Guess I’ll have to buy the book)

Today’s one you might want to save for lazy weekend stuff, but just in case you have a little free time:

Check out that friend’s blog, or book, video channel or other creative endeavor that you’ve been meaning to. You know the project. It may be one you’ve shoved from your mind, because you don’t take your friend’s project seriously or you don’t want to take that work seriously.

Have a look anyway. You might find yourself surprised, delighted, or even better – not mentioned at all.  I have a somewhat amusing ongoing conversation with multiple people at the moment about the double-edged sword of “getting mentioned.”

You’re also doing two good things: you’re being a supportive friend, and you’re giving an artist a legitimate chance. After all, would you hesitate to look and consider if you did not personally know the creator?

I would caution you to keep your comments about said work to yourself until after Mercury Retrograde. We’re all a bit delicate about what we create, after all.

Practical reason:
Social convenience. You will NOT need to hem and haw when asked in a future social situation.

Metaphysical reason:
Exposing yourself to the possibility of delight, and looking into what might also wind up being a karmic lesson/path for you.