Mercury Retrograde Boot Camp Day 24: Last day of camp

welcome back, handsome

Tomorrow, Mercury goes direct.

This does not mean everything will “return to normal” – at least not right away. It’s much like the boss returning from vacation; sometimes it can still take a week or two for systems to pick back up again. SNAFUS may continue until the first week or two of September.

For today, here are my recommendations for making the next Mercury Retrograde easier:

  • Automate your backups, if you haven’t already. That’s one less thing to concern yourself with when the next one rolls around.
  • Create a small-scale method of continuous decluttering. It’s a pain in the butt to get organized, but once you get there, staying organized is ultimately a lot less work.
  • Set up a priority list. It’s impossible to pay attention to absolutely everything, so you really do have to pick what’s most important to you and worry about the rest the next time Mercury Rx rolls around.
  • Take some time to relax. Look back on this period, and consciously pick out three good things that happened during this time. They did not necessarily have to happen to you. It does not need to be profound. The small stuff makes up life; the big stuff just tells us where to locate the chapter breaks.

Also, I’m considering repackaging this series with some bonus material for future reference. If you get a chance to ticky the polls, I’d appreciate it.

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