Mercury Retrograde Boot Camp Day 4: Review – Todo lists

best practices during Mercury Retrograde.

It’s Friday, so a lot of you are likely worshiping at the shrines of Youtube and LOLCats. That’s what Fridays are for, just as hot dogs are for Tuesdays. Here’s a little something else you can do while you sneak in some goofing off:

Review your to-do lists.

I have a Google task list of various tasks, story pitches, and projects that I’ve assembled over the course of the last few years. I often forget about them, which is sad, because I get such a feeling of satisfaction whenever I can tick a checkbox. I get equally happy when I have a reason to switch on strikethrough in my Google documents.

I’m not saying DO the to-do lists. I’m just saying… review them. See where you’re at. There’s a good chance you’ll surprise yourself with a “Hey, I did that!” or “Hey, that took care of itself!”

If there’s something on there you can do that doesn’t take much effort that you can get around to while waiting for a Youtube vid to buffer, go for it! You get to ticky that box, have one small thing done, and you still get to giggle at the antics of the latest cat versus highly unfortunate nudist battle.

What you may find, along with things already done, is that some tasks are no longer relevant to your situation. Tick those boxes, delete them, etc.  Clear it out.

For me, along with reviewing all those task lists, I’m pulling up my Google Documents. At the beginning of every calendar year, I create a series of documents that project long-term plans and to-dos.

Here is what I created at the beginning of 2011. You’ll have to click the image to read it:

Some of these documents I haven’t opened since January. Some of them I have. A good chunk of the contents within were transferred over from 2010, if I considered it still relevant and valid. It’s an  ongoing effort, and this is my map. I certainly don’t expect myself to achieve EVERYTHING listed within in the space of a year, or even two years.  These documents are about the small steps – getting my website up, getting content out there, trying new things with my partner (spontaneity is great, but is also unreliable and if used solely, unfulfilling.)

The intent is not to panic or judge myself at what I haven’t done. I’ve come to respect my energy levels and that they need building. This is a good way of looking at where I’m at, recognizing that plans may have changed, and it gives me a chance to move things around as needed.

Mercury Retrograde is a great time to look over these lists and plans, review them, and adjust them for what’s really going on in your life right now.

It occurs to me that some of you might want a metaphysical explanation for why I’m recommending these things. Would this be helpful, or is it a sort of “goes without saying?” sort of thing?