Mercury Retrograde Boot Camp: Day 5 – Check your warranties

the warranty on this has DEFINITELY expired

Today’s task, hopefully, won’t take that long. If it does, hopefully doing it will actually save you lots of time in the future.

All you need to do today is check your warranties. Check the date that they’re done. Flag the items where the warranty has expired.

Most people stash those documents in a kitchen drawer somewhere. Mine live in a filing cabinet.  You might need to get a magnifying glass. Make note of the ones that have expired. Unless there’s an instruction manual you still use (and a search reveals you can’t find a copy online) go ahead and recycle that puppy.

For current warranties? Program/enter their expiration dates into your online or offline calendar. Most of the time it’s not worth purchasing a warranty extension, but this way you can keep an eye on how much longer your item might last.

The metaphysics of the practical act: i.e. Why?

It’s actually an abundance action.  We  think about managing our energy on a spiritual level, but we sometimes don’t even recognize that each physical object attached to us is a)a manifestation of our “crops” and what we seed for ourselves and b)every item you own takes some of your energy, and influences your personal energy, unless you consciously change that connection. For the more literalist types, the closest simile is like the gravity of a star pulling objects into its orbit. Sure, you’re stronger than each individual piece, but overall it has an effect on you.

Knowing and maintaining maintenance and warranties does affect your energy field – taking care of your stuff is a way of taking care of yourself and your family. Tracking warranties protects you financially, which is a way of stewarding the energy you expend through money/consuming goods. It also creates a small pocket of self-protection; you know ahead of time to watch for issues that might arise.

Want another project?

If you don’t have any stuff with a warranty on it, another thing you can do that will also be helpful in the future: get out your car manual. Set up maintenance reminders on your calendar every 6 months, with whatever the next mileage check will call for. Honoring these checks can save a lot of money in the long run, especially if you also use this time to research your car and car parts and budget for the likely cost of car parts and labor.