Mercury Retrograde Boot Camp Day 8: Clean up Broken Links

*photography by Diana Rajchel – outside St. Mary’s Basilica in Minneapolis, July 2011

You may have already done this in your bookmarks from day 2, and if so, you know there’s an automated option available. If not, clearing bookmarks is still a good plan. But this actually refers to your other abstract properties: blogs, websites, Facebook pages with sidebars, or anything else where a link might hover. If you run that site, check to see if those links are still active.  WordPress blogs have plugins that can check for these – but may drive you crazy. You can also use a free link check software that allows you to input a starting URL; from there it gives you a list of what’s broken. While the beauty of Ctrl+F makes this task go a touch faster, you may want to cue up some TV to watch while you do this. Right now I’m working my way through My So Called Life.

Practical Reason:

Clean links makes you look like you’re on top of things. It also prevents those periodic frustrated emails of “where’d it go???”

Metaphysical Reason:

Again, it’s about clearing stagnant energy pools. I think of the Internet as Real Life (TM) and because of that, how I present myself online matters as it is an extension of my soul. That means that stagnant energy online matters as much as it does offline – I actually do feel a physical sense of relief when I can these things up.  It’s more energy I can redirect into living projects, or expressions of appreciation and so on.