Mercury Retrograde Bootcamp Day 11: You may need a Hazmat suit for this one

Today, it’s about your health. About risking your health to save your health. About taking on the input/output of your body, what you expose it to, and why…


Today’s bootcamp activity:

Clean your refrigerator.

Before you do, I want to also mention this piece of guilt that causes us to keep things until we mold: yes, children are starving everywhere. In the United States, in Africa, in Canada even. The problem of feeding them is not solved by consuming more than you want to because they’re starving somewhere. You don’t honor them or yourself by hanging on to food, no matter how wasteful your Grandma opines it to be.  The essential problem behind starvation is food distribution.  That we can’t solve with our leftovers, though I know it can be solved.

So no, you’re not adding to the suffering of a big-eyed orphan who always seems to be in front of the camera when Sarah Machlaclan starts playing when you throw out your moldy Chinese.

Also, for future reference, you are allowed to resign from the clean plate club. I did. Although I did sign up for the “eat more veggies than other stuff” side membership that I’m keeping.

Refrigerator cleaning is a straightforward task. Get rid of the stuff that’s moldy, clean off those shelves with some soap and water, dare to see what you left neglected in your Crisper drawer.

You may also consider a few changes. I made these last year in my fridge management, and it’s been very helpful in reducing food waste.

  • I buy a lot of food from the farmer’s market. I went ahead and bought see-through containers, so that the food doesn’t just sit in the plastic bag, and thus can keep longer as it won’t dry out.
  • I store my veggies in visible containers – not in the crisper drawer.
  • I use the crisper drawer to refrigerate my perfume solids, and occasional bottled drinks.
  • We still loosely group food by food group, although most of the time I’m more likely to group things by mealtime – breakfast goes on one level, lunch another, dinner etc.
  • I’m more likely to eat my veggies if I prep them first. On those Sunday TV-watching nights, I often go ahead and peel and prep veggies while I watch so it’s easier for me to grab the veggie choice at other points in the week.
  • I also put the fruit in see-through containers.

All in all, it’s been a decent system. I rarely throw things out due to mold, but spills happen, so cleaning is unavoidable at some point.

Practical and Metaphysical Reason are the same:

Good health is its own magic. It is prosperity magic. It is healing magic. It is spiritual magic.

A clean fridge leaves you free to make better food decisions for yourself, and it reduces stress as you do not need to confront grossness more than once a month.