Mercury Retrograde Bootcamp Day 7: Recycle

Waste not Want Not
one of my art projects a few years back

Today is a day to take out your recycling. More specifically, it’s a day to move on your obsolete electronics.

While some may well be able to get a pittance on it on Ebay, or move it on through freecycle or Craig’s List, you may also want to consider finding a local electronics recycling center. Expect to have to drive out and drop it off if you live in the Twin Cities; the local electronics recycling stuff is very present, but very opaque. If you’re looking for a recycling center near you, I recommend checking on Earth911.

A quick note: if you have a cell phone that still works and you don’t opt to resell it, there are scores of charities that accept and really benefit from cell phone donations.

Obsolete is also subjective. In this case obsolete means:

  • Don’t use it
  • Doesn’t work
  • Isn’t going to work
  • Costs more to repair it than it does to replace it
  • Replacement is no longer possible, or will call for an extremely time consuming and inefficient process.


The Practical Reason

It’s stuff you’re likely tripping on, it’s exacerbating the dust allergy someone in your home likely has, and it’s a low-effort way of cleaning up one small thing in your home.

One small thing is my mantra. Rather than consider cleaning the entire home all at once, cleaning a patch a day tends to work in cases where the landing pad is wall-to-wall clutter.

The Metaphysical Reason

If it’s stuff you’re not using anymore, it’s stagnant. Pools of stagnant energy draw annoyances the way stagnant water draws mosquitoes. Getting it in motion and out of your home allows for fresh oxygen/space to relax a little bit, and means that that’s one less energetic issue you need to manage. It’s also one less thing to trip over when trying to create opportunities for yourself.