Mercury Retrograde starts tomorrow – what to do now

I’m going to be posting a Mercury Rx “to-do” list daily on this blog, commerce and computers willing to continue to work throughout the official 24 day period. In the meantime, here are a few recommendations to prepare for this time:

  1. I’m going to say it tomorrow, but it bears saying now: DO YOUR BACKUPS. Computers, Itunes, phones, photocopies of legal documents, take pictures of your receipts if you have to. Do ’em. The sooner, the better.
  2. Slow down a lot. It’s a bad time to engage in contracts or make big purchases. It’s a good time to look really closely at what you have, abstract and physical, and to evaluate how it’s working for you.
  3. Outer communications will be, for the most part, a mess. Especially next week, when Uranus comes tromping on through, and Uranus, as I’ve learned very consistently over the past year, is the King of WTF. Now is the time to read up on active listening, body language, emotional intelligence and interpersonal communication, because it’s going to be a rough ride next week.
  4. This is a fabulous time for hearing your inner voice. Clear some time to meditate, or get out your art supplies or writing tools of choice. Spend a little time working through what your deepest self has to say.

This series banks on you planning to minimize your time with others outside your household; while the really interior work goes on in winter,  for readers where it’s NOT winter (like where I am) the pressure cooker of summer takes its own toll. Use the time to contemplate the season ahead. If you clear a path for it, you may find it easier to handle the day-to-day stuff that’s bound to crop up.


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