Mercury Rx Day 1: Backitup


Welcome to day 1 of Mercury Retrograde boot camp. Your computer is working, let’s hope, so yay that. This stuff goes on throughout the year, but in case you haven’t given it thought… take this opportunity to do your backups. You can then schedule in regular reminders to do your backups – and this way, it’s one less thing that might bite you in the butt when the next Mercury Retrograde rolls around.

So, things to backup:

Your computer.

  • I have Crashplan installed on mine after twice deleting my writing folder, including the manuscript of the book I’ve been hacking at in one form or another since 2o03.
  • Your passwords. How many times have you been locked out of an account because you lost the password, or worse, got hacked?  I use Dropbox with Keypass, which has the added advantage of another place to store files that allows you to work on your desktop or laptop without having to hassle with USB/disk transfers. Even better? It works on your Smartphone, too. I also have a USB on my keychain that contains my keypass files.

Your browser stuff.

  • Most RSS feed programs allow you to export a file of your blogs/bookmarks. Put it in your dropbox folder.
  • You can also export your browser bookmarks on any browser you may use. Also good to put in your Dropbox (or similar) folder.

Your online accounts.

  • I have an enormous Flickr account, and a rather huge Twitter stream. While Crashplan maintains my C drive files, Backupify helps me handle my social networking accounts. I also do not fear the mighty Google but welcome my don’t-be-evil overlords, so I use this for the Google Docs system I have set up.


  • Got a blog? Back that puppy up, too.  I am most familiar with wordpress blogs, that have a backup system installed.  You can find ways to back up a blogger/blogspot blog here, your typepad here, or your livejournal here.  I have plans for my years of blogging, but in the meantime, it’s good to have those records where I can find ‘em.


  • Google calendar allows me to export things that I also sync to my phone. Another good file to stash in Dropbox. While you’ve got that program open, perhaps scheduling a monthly reminder to back up your files – that can go to your phone or your email – might come in handy.

Back up your phone

  • I’m most familiar with Droid – you can sync your Google contacts. You can also export a file of your contacts to Dropbox. Most contact systems have some type of backup system labeled “export.”
    Within your phone, at least on Droids, I use a program called Titanium backup. This caches every application you download on your phone. It’s already come in handy for me a few times, especially on deprecated applications that I still want to use.

Itunes/Music files

  • This is one of the hard ones – there’s not much way around the backup system except an actual burn to CD. This can take time. Do NOT skip this. Itunes hasn’t been particularly nice to me when I’ve tried to recover lost music files that I’ve paid for. You can have this going while you do your other backups.

Other exportables

  • I use for my Etsy shop, and with that is a handy database that makes service faster for my repeat customers … when I remember to back it up, which I’ve learned to do the hard way.

There are other things you may want to back up, double check on, or change the password on – now’s the day to do it!