Mercury Rx: It got to me

Perhaps a bit of slice of life blogging might be better this time around. Hard to say.

I had intended to write a Mercury Retrograde series starting today, this time focused on actual magic. Instead certain events that I would argue are part of this astrological weather we’re having have forced me instead to put it off a day.

Susan Miller commented that we would all be feeling the effects of Retrograde early – that October would be hard – and while it’s not as bizarre or as difficult as the events of last June, it’s been something of a rough ride.

In the past week, I have had:

  • Two unexpected medical bills come to me, in part from a miscommunication with the insurance company
  • My credit card information was stolen – but caught very quickly by my bank
  • When I went to the bank to get a new card, the pin did not activate correctly the first time
  • I have had a sudden influx of “unreasonable asks.” Favors or requests that are disproportionately large, with little or no connected benefit to myself.
  • People I haven’t heard from or don’t hear from regularly are insistent about seeing me. In one case, it’s understandable. The rest are peculiar; since when? Any confessions of undying love will be attributed only to Chinese television, remote possession and ergot poisoning.
  • Today, Facebook was essentially inoperable for everyone.

None are significant enough to constitute “zomg, Mercury Rx!” But it was enough to make to give the calendar a speculative look. Besides, if the sky falls, it’s not just going to fall on me.

The need to change out credit cards did give me an opportunity to take part in a Retrograde friendly activity: review.

I have a number of expenses deducted from my personal accounts. Computer programs that make life easier, donations to groups I enjoy, Google everything.

The sudden shock of the numbers theft allowed me to overcome my sentimentality. There are things I’ve been paying for monthly, biweekly that will be cut.

The reduced expenses will make life a little more flexible in coming months – and perhaps a little less stressful.

So, with my own intentions delayed, I can chalk up another offering to the one step back required by Mercury Rx – and perhaps do a little bit of fishing backwards to see what I might have missed.