My 10 step blogging process

This mostly applies to Fat Chic, as I’m somewhat less organized with my other blogs:

  1. Go through emails, check mailing lists for stuff to blog about.
  2. Read RSS feeds for anything urgent. Bookmark stuff that inspires ideas but it not urgent.
  3. Aggregate box of post-its to scribble ideas on as I blog. Also use StickyNote in the new Word (slowly replacing post-it box.)
  4. Also check for articles worth commenting on from blog newsletters I want in my email
  5. Flip through magazines. Flag article ideas they inspire. Go through stack of magazines, blogging at each flag unless the idea is completely out of date.
  6. Go through post-it note box.
  7. Go through collected bookmarks – this includes ReadItLater, MetaFilter favorites, StumbelUpon and Delicious.
  8. Go through my Facebook likes.
  9. Go through StickyNotes on computer.
  10. Solicit interviews/Pursue specific series and projects (I need to create a reference list again. I need to every year.)

Then I go back to the top and start again. There are breaks in this for breaking news or stuff that really moves me/gets me worked up. But so far, the system works – I leave myself many trails to work from so I’m not stuck looking at a blank screen.

Writing is the same as meditation. You tell a person to “think of nothing” or to “concentrate” and it’s not fair – you need at least an item of focus. The blank sheet is the “think of nothing.” You’ve got to bring something to the page or the screen.