My essay is up on Witch’s Voice…and I’m in an anthology

Good signs of progress today, just as I start the Right to Write after some recent bumps in my personal life left me feeling like writing was too dangerous to do again. Writing is dangerous if you’re any good, I’ve decided. I’m not a fan of real-life drama or drama queens at all, but these people and behaviors are excellent barometers of whether what I’m creating goes somewhere it needs to go, generally somewhere unexplored.

I’m also starting the Right to Write for my artist’s way blog. We’ll see how I feel after I’m done with that. Right now my plan is to do that, and then actually re-do the Artist’s Way so it’s actually on THAT blog.  Once I’ve finished all of Cameron’s works, I may just cede the blog to my cofounder Xiane, or start in on the creativity books. Undecided.

So, first: my essay on Wiccan divorce and handparting is up on The Witch’s Voice. Please give it a read, add it to your Facebook or LJ pages, share it on forums or wherever you like. The survey date on the page is wrong (Witches Voice is understaffed and overloaded, so it’s unlikely I can get a correction in, but I’ll check.) The survey for Wiccans and fellow neopagans who experienced divorce at any point in there lives will run until December 31st, or indefinitely.

I also got word that a poem I submitted for a Pan anthology was accepted. While not likely the stuff of big sales, it’s nice that I’m in, and encourages me to participate in any other anthologies that might cross my path. Right now it’s been a matter of getting multiple projects up and running on their own.

I do have a book proposal ready to read for Divorcing a Real Witch, although I’m concerned that the initial three chapters fall a bit short of the 50 page requirement. Now I just need to start getting out there.

If you want to ask me questions about this book, or any other aspect of my career, I do have a Facebook group page and I invite you to come and respectfully engage there or here.