My friend has breast cancer

Now that she’s told everyone, I’m allowed to say something here. My friend Lisa has breast cancer. For context, she wrote the Virtual Pagan and Magickal Connections. We met years ago, online, and we’ve stayed connected in one way or another since. She’s always been a very good and supportive friend to me, has always respected my privacy when I’ve gone off on my own path (which I do, a lot) and over the years I’ve come to appreciate her clarity of vision and most especially her organization skills. I’ve been around when her tendency to create order has been loudly unappreciated – and I’m going to say now what I should have said then: she does things this way to allow for the possibility of sanity. It’s a good thing, especially since the people who complained most often clung rather violently to their own crazy.

I can only guess at how her family, her partner and her working partner may feel.

For some reason, I never expected this to happen to her. I know she was certainly surprised. She’s blogging about her experiences – you can read them under her health tag on her blog. The older I get, the more of this stuff I see, the less and less words I have for when stuff like this happens. Whatever happens – Lisa, I’m rooting for you.