My holidays…

There’s still some photos to upload – a lot, actually. But highlights from my Yule season:
Watching the New Standards at Dakota Jazz Club on Pre N’ers
Aside from accidental flash in a previous shot... Sorry #newstandards

Mike and I got spiffy for it:
Waiting for the New Standards show to start.

Take not her icy visage for dispassion. There is cold that burns, that tears the skin & she is its master.

Seeing some of the work by Grant Woods that is NOT American Gothic:
Grant Woods corn chandelier.

I bought Mike a toy helicopter:
Now Theo can play Godzilla with the remote helicopter I bought Mike.

Mike bought me a basket of rocks:
For Solstice my sweetheart gave me a basket of rocks.

I sat vigil on solstice, staying up on the longest night until I saw the sun safely returned:
Preparing the sunrise offering for the new-conceived Sun and his Mother. #yule #Solstice #pagan

I also baked a lot. Marshmallows, meringue puffs and pie:
Houston...we have marshmallows. I am also now covered in powdered sugar.
Today, meringue puffs. Tomorrow homemade marshmallows. #baking
Teeny pies for xmas giftdls this year. #baking

Caught the Holidazzle in its last year, mostly by accident:
Stuck in traffic. # holidazzle

And I acted as Mike’s lab assistant. Results… to be expected.
So this went down at the artificial intelligence lab last week...