My “magical blog life”

self portraitI get asked how I find time for all these blogs, and it’s often assumed I get up every morning and typity-type a fresh blog.

Not exactly true, but it’s cute that so many people think that.

Here’s what really happens:

About one weekend a month, I go nuts writing blog posts. I troll down my blog feeds. I pull from a little cigar box where I dump post-its with blog post ideas. I surf my own flickr stream and flickr creative commons for blogging ideas. I grab from stacks of magazines flagged with blogging ideas, clothing for Fat Chic, interesting tidibits on perfume and cooking for Magickal Realism, spiritually relevant stuff for here. I blog until I can’t stand blogging anymore.

And then, too often, I still fall behind.

What I’m trying these days is a simple schedule: I get up as early as I can for myself to, do my morning pages per the Artist’s Way program I’m on, write a page of the book I’m writing at the moment and then write one blog post each for the four blogs I write for. It’s a bit excessive, but there is a payoff in the end albeit a very small one. And if I could consolidate down to two blogs, I probably would, but I’m just not seeing the possibility right now.

I’ve become a compulsive photographer in the last year, too, and much of that is blog fodder as well.

Since I’m trying to have two micro-careers at once, one as a writer and one as a perfumer, I’m doing a juggling act by taking very, very small bites off of my many projects, masticating those bits as thoroughly as I can, and then moving on to the next steps. Things don’t get done quickly, but they do get done as thoroughly as I’m able to do them.

So there you have it: I find time for all that blogging in lost weekends and small chunks.