My second email to the Secretary of Education

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Hello Mr. Duncan!

I just received the fed-exed registered letter in regard to my last email to you, pointing out that there were some serious bugs on the transition to the new ed financial system. It was rightfully pointed out that I had not yet paid my student loan payment for the month. What had prompted me to write you was trying for more than three weeks to pay my loans preferably online, and with one attempt by phone. I have finally been able to make this month and last month’s payment because at last, my data appears to actually be in the system. Given the considerable size of my student loans, I would assume that EdFinancial would be quite eager to have my loan and their payments.

While I appreciate the information – all of which I was already quite familiar with – I feel I need to make it clear: I was not in any way trying to dodge my loan payments. In addition to the appallingly bad customer service when I called or tried to get tech support, I a)never got the form I requested to set up autopay when for some reason I was unable to set it up when I could get online very briefly in April and b)I attempted to pay by phone on Memorial Day weekend, and I had to re-enter the numbers over and over because of the poor setup of the phone system. I was sent electronic correspondence that the payment did not go through – to an account I was unable to log in to until today. While it’s lovely that Ed Financial Services was in fact online 99.35% of the time in May as my letter from Denise Leefeste rather defensively states, EdFinancial is providing service at below 50%.

I am deeply appreciative of my student loans, as they helped me escape a rather nasty barefoot and pregnant fate, and I am at a point in my life where I am glad to pay them and hand back that life preserver to other young women who face what I faced. I also believe that student loans are a serious and crippling issue – and this of all times is NOT the time to have them in sloppy hands.

Your vocal constituent,

Diana Rajchel

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