My to done list from Sunday

By 4:25 pm on Sunday I had:

  • Cleared the dishwasher
  • Listened to half of a Pagan podcast
  • Written first drafts on 2 book reviews for Facing North
  • Written two blog posts for this blog (not including this one)
  • Discovered a guest post on the blog that’s been there since October
  • Sent an apology to the blog author
  • Did a drive-by review of a possible theater for the Doctor Who 5 year anniversary marathon (haven’t ruled out theater altogether yet, but tailgate is possible still, too)
  • Got in a yoga workout
  • Updated my site (not the overhaul that’s coming, Mike’s on that project)

I’ve still got energy, a mess in my office, a massive stack in my desk, but right now, I feel like this: